High Temperature

  • Product Description:

    Part Name:Plastic Stop Ring

    Description:Plastic Injection Mould

    Country of Original:China (Shen-Zhen)

    Current Export Markets:Costa Rica

    Lead Time:30 Days

    Key Specification:

    1. Plastic Stop Ring

    2. Plastic Injection Mold

    3. 1*1 cavity

    4. Interchangeable inserts

    5. Incoe Hot runner with

    6. Vestakeep 1000PG (PEEK)

    7. material

    8. High Temperature mold

    9. Hot oil heater

    10. Heater Cartridge

    11. ASSAB S136 (HRC48-52) Steel

    12. P20 Mold base

    13. Full automatically

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