OTN Tearable Introducer

  • Product Description:

    Part Name:OTN Tearable Introducer

    Description:Plastic Injection parts /Introducer

    Country Of Original:China (ShenZhen)

    Current Export Markets:Brazil

    Lead Time:15-30 Days

    Key Specification:

    1. OTN Tearable Introducer

    2. Usage:Used To Preoperative Operation For PICC Tube and Central Venous Catheter.

    3. Specification:5Fr   6Fr   7Fr   8Fr

    4. Product Description:This Product Have Smooth Surface, No Inpurity And Stripe. In Actual Operation This Product Can Mate With The Puncture Needle To Penetration Easily, Can Be In Blood Vessel Smoothly, After Operation Can Tear And Withdraw Convinent And Quickly.

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