Cap or Lid Parts

  • Product Description:

    Part Name:Plastic Flip Cap

    Description:Plastic Injection Mould

    Country of Original:China (Shen-Zhen)

    Current Export Markets:UK

    Lead Time:35 Days

    Key Specification:

    1. Three-Part Lid parts

    2. Plastic Clip Cap

    3. Cap or Lid parts

    4. Butterfly Hinge

    5. Springy Hinge

    6. Blade ejection to ensure part flatness

    7. Plastic injection mold

    8. PP material

    9. 1*4 cavities mold

    10. H13(HRC48-52) Steel

    11. YUDO Hot Runner

    12. LKM Mold base

    13. Automatically running

    14. HASCO standard

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