Double J Single J Drainage Tube

  • Product Description:

    Part Name:Double Lumen Tube

    Description:Plastic Extrusion Tube /Drainage Tube

    Country of Original:China (ShenZhen)

    Current Export Markets:Europe

    Lead Time:15-30 Days

    Key Specification:

    1. Usage:Urinary Surgery

    2. Size:4.5Fr  4.8Fr  5Fr   6Fr   7Fr    8Fr

    3. Product Description:The Placement Of The Double J Tube Is Between The Kidney And Bladder,Single J Tube Is                   Kidney And Extracorporal.

    4. Single J Tube:Longth :70cm,Only In The Bend Of The J Have Drainage Hole,Can Drainage The Urine To                             Extracoporal From Kidney.Fit For Drainage After Full Bladder Surgery.

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